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Cherokee Women Scholars’ and Activists’ Statement on Andrea Smith

Last week, Indian Country Today Media Network published an open letter, in response to the notoriety surrounding controversial scholar-activist Andrea Smith’s contradictory claims of having Cherokee identity through both enrollment and lineal descent. The article was written by indigenous women scholars from a number of different indigenous nations, academic...

Dumping the Confederate Flag: Natives Can Teach America How

The past two weeks has reminded Americans of just hard it is to escape the legacy of the Civil War. The Confederate battle flag—a symbol of racism for millions—appears on everything from license plates to string bikinis. Walk down any major thoroughfare in the South and you’re likely see...

Four Words for Andrea Smith: ‘I’m Not an Indian’

I’m not an Indian. It’s okay.By now, many of us have been confronted with the tangled ways to think about identity shifting in light of the Rachel Dolezal affair. Some attention has been rightfully paid to the long history of people “playing Indian” as well, both in the of...

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