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Trimble: Passing on our real, true history

A people without history is like wind on the buffalo grass.” Those words are attributed, by different writers, to Amos Bad Heart Bull and to Crazy Horse. Whomever the author, the words hold great truth and wisdom.But history itself becomes a victim when it is twisted to fit agendas...

The true legend of Dewey Beard; PART THREE

STURGIS, S.D. - Dewey Beard was the last survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn; a warrior, rancher, actor and respected elder. His eventful life, which spanned a century, is still remembered by friends and family. Corliss Besselievre can never forget the day she and her husband were given Beard's regalia. It the...

‘Honor the Grandmothers’ by Sarah Penman

Minneapolis, Minn. - During a ceremony commemorating the 99th anniversary of the Wounded Knee massacre a photo was taken from afar of an elder Lakota woman standing near the monument. Sarah Penman dropped the snapshot into a box and let it slip from her mind. A year later, the...

Storytellers bring tribal lore to life

MARTY, S.D. - Reviving fading tribal traditions and bonding among Sioux women on the Yankton Sioux Indian Reservation was the goal set by the Water Lily Storytelling Institute.Native storytellers brought tribal traditions and teaching to life at a center shared by the Braveheart Women's Society and Men's Society a..

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