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Sew Good

Sew Good

Sarah Agaton Howes has come a long way since her early days of selling her handmade earrings in parking lots.“It’s hard to make a living that way,” she says with a laugh. “I was lucky if I hustled enough to help pay for propane.” Howes, Anishinabe from the Fond Lac...

Lesson from the Election: Indigenous Leaders Must Stand Up

The latest U.S. presidential election holds a major lesson for Indigenous politics. Lets explore what happened and add it up: Stand up for nationhood or lose it.We learned from the “upset victory” of Donald Trump that mass media and polls didn’t understand how angry masses of people are being...

What Does ‘Tribe’ Mean?

Sebastian Junger's new book, Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging, doesn't break any new ground and actually perpetuates some wrong-headed stereotypes about Indians; but it does present an old perspective in an easy-to-read popular format. And it points toward a serious critique of American society.The perspective that Native American life"...

American Myths and Indigenous History: A New Book

A study of myths demands a clarification: What do we mean by "myth"? As revealed in the Oxford English Dictionary, the word can carry diametrically opposed meanings—on one hand, positive: sacred origin story; on the other hand, negative: widely held misconception.All the Real Indians Died Off, a new by...

Clarence Thomas Again Critiques Federal Indian Law

Once again, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has authored a compelling critique of fundamental doctrines in federal Indian law. Thomas' concurring opinion in United States v. Bryant, 13 June 2016, attacks the contradictions inherent in federal Indian law views of "tribal sovereignty."The Bryant case involved an application the...

The More Things Change

In 2002, I began working on my first website that would feature ethnographic and self-representations of the Yoeme people in northwest Mexico. I had worked with family members in various Yoeme pueblos since 1992 and I finished my doctoral dissertation in 2002. I received a small grant shortly that...

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