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Newcomb: Bush permits desecration of Mt. Tenabo for gold mining

Despite years of well-voiced opposition from traditional Western Shoshones, the Bush administration, by-way-of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), approved a massive open-pit, cyanide heap-leach gold mine at Mount Tenabo.Mt. Tenabo, not far from the Dann Family Ranch where elder Carrie Dann lives, is an area of tremendous and...

Newcomb: Examining the Oral Arguments in Dann

The Internet is amazing. I came across the audio (along with a written transcript) of the 1984 oral arguments in the case U.S. v. Dann. By listening to the audio recording, we are able to experience the arguments made 24 years ago before the Rehnquist Supreme Court regarding issue...

Western Shoshone integral in stopping Divine Strake detonation

AnalysisMERCURY, Nev. - Government doublespeak is nothing new in Indian country; virtually from the days of first contact, Natives have been deflecting verbal and political subterfuge, broken treaties and both covert and blatant threats to Mother Earth. In a contemporary, ongoing battle and multi-state, multi-agency and multi-cultural effort halt...

Justice Denied to Cayuga Nation May be Justice Delayed

The Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the Cayuga land claim case does a great injustice to the Cayuga Nation. The ruling lets stand an Appeals Court decision dismissing the Cayugas’ 25-year court battle and effectively ends their efforts to achieve some measure of justice in the federal for...

A Farewell Tribute to Mary Dann

On Saturday morning, April 30, 2005, Dann family members, relatives, friends and supporters gathered at the Dann family ranch in Crescent Valley, in the Western Shoshone Territory (Nevada), to honor Mary Dann.As white billowing clouds hovered in the distance above beautiful desert mountain peaks, people gathered to honor Shoshone...

An Elder Passes: Mary Dann, Western Shoshone

Mary Dann, one of a duo of renowned and beloved activist elders from the Western Shoshone Nation, passed away on the evening of Friday, April 22.Mary Dann, along with her sister Carrie Dann, conducted a courageous and extremely difficult fight with the federal government on behalf of the Treaty...

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