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The Pope and Genocide: Let’s Look at the Whole Picture

Pope Francis recently trumped political correctness on yet another sensitive topic: the Turkish massacre of Armenian people 100 years ago. The pope's remarks were made at a commemoration mass in Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome for the centenary of the start of the mass killings (1915). He described slaughter...

A Strange Case of Genocide Denied

A new book by Gary Anderson, Ethnic Cleansing and the Indian, is bound to attract attention as a "pro-Indian" book. The subtitle, "The Crime That Should Haunt America," will provoke people who minimize the violence against Native Peoples throughout American history. The chapter titles point to "penetration," "invasion," "removal,"...

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day, 2013

As dawn broke over the Atlantic on October 12, 1492, a perilous ten-week journey across a timeless ocean gave way to encounters and events that would dramatically shape the course of history, and be forever regarded by Europeans as the “discovery” of America. Today, we recall the courage the...

West reviews museum’s first year

National Museum of the American Indian Director W. Richard West Jr. spoke with Indian Country Today during a visit to the mountains of northern New Mexico and Colorado. The following are excerpts: ICT: How would you summarize the first year? West: I'm really very pleased with the progress of the National Museum of the American Indian the...

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