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Curation and Colonization in Art

Dina Gilio-Whitaker (author, Research Associate at the Center for World Indigenous Studies) Ruth Hopkins, (biologist, writer and judge), Shanna Ketchum-Heap of Birds (art historian, essayist, doctoral candidate) and Missy Whiteman (writer, director and producer for independent Indigenous film) cast a critical eye over elements of the art world an...
Stewards of the Land?

Stewards of the Land?

    Ray Cook: I was reading an article about Standing Rock and pipelines, and the term stewards of the land came up in reference to Native nations and people. It was a positive reference—but what does it mean? And what does it mean for us? Is there a teaching here?...

Indigenous Biology

Colonization sought to separate us from nature. Yet in the past century, western science has begun to explore the idea of connectivity and how living beings interact and affect one another. Chaos Theory says small causes can have large effects. As species are endangered and go instinct due manmade...

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