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That Roach Is Smokin’

That Roach Is Smokin’

“Hey, Gents! Ready those roaches!” When the pow wow M.C. puts out the call for roaches, he is not referring to marijuana or those creepy, scuttling bugs. Instead, he is hoping to see the beautifully-crafted headdresses worn by male dancers that are made with colored porcupine quills. Aside the...

Chapter 1: How Dogma Trumped Science

It is generally assumed that the Bering Strait Theory has almost universal acceptance from scientists. The mainstream media, and thus the general public, take it as a given that the debate over the origins over American Indians has long been settled. So, for example, The New York Times, an...

Chapter 6: DNA, Blood Types and Stereotypes

Archaeological discoveries in South America in the 1980s led to a revision in the timeline of the Bering Strait Theory, throwing the whole theory into doubt. But the dogmatic insistence on a single passageway in a certain time period was also being challenged on many other fronts. It is presumed...

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