How to submit a press release to Indian Country Today

With the relaunch of the new Indian Country Today, one of the newest features and section heads includes the Press Pool.

With the relaunch of the new Indian Country Today, one of the newest features and section heads includes The Press Pool. The Press Pool is specifically dedicated to accommodate the quick-paced news releases that come through the Indian Country Today timeline.

With this new platform, Indian Country Today can post releases at this fast pace to keep our readers in the know as soon as news is announced.

This said, there are a few points to consider when sending a press release to Indian Country Today which we have highlighted below:

You can post your own press release in draft form

For those interested in taking control of their own news release posts, Indian Country Today has the option for news organizations, tribal members, communications team members and public relations professionals.

Simply create an account and post to the news release / Press Pool section for review. We will review the release and once approved, we will post to the news stream.

Please be mindful of your account name, as that will be the author of the piece. Please use professionalism, correct capitalization, etc. as this will be a factor in approving the release.

Structure of a press release / news release

First and foremost, in order to adhere to the best practices for mobile devices, brevity and searchability, Indian Country Today is utilizing an 80-character maximum for headlines.

Additionally, there are important things to consider when sending a release:

Clean copy - please ensure your release is easy to read.

Please spell check - take the time to ensure there are not spelling or grammatical errors.

Omit extra spaces - there used to be two spaces after a period on manual typewriters. This is no longer industry standard.

Do NOT indent - please do not indent as this can affect the placement of text.

Do NOT overuse bold - occasional bold is ok, but not recommended.

Do NOT use caps in headlines - Headlines are never all caps.

Do NOT use special font - this can also affect placement of text, or unreadability when posting.

Use hyperlinks as opposed to long links - highlight your text and insert the link. It looks cleaner.

Here is a sample press release

News Release

Organization Submitting the Release

Headline (Not more than 80 characters - please do not use all caps)

Headline Summary (Not more than 120 characters)

Introductory paragraph (what is newsworthy and why?)

Descriptive paragraph(s) (Explain why the topic is newsworthy make sure to answer the questions)

Answer these questions: (It can be part of the body paragraph or answered exactly as listed below)







Closing paragraph

Contact information

Website information

Social media information

If you would like to send Indian Country Today a press release / news release email us

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