Native American youth share messages of hope and resilience

Sales of CD, video directly benefit Detroit youth program

News Release

American Indian Health and Family Services

“Our cultures teach us to respect one another. Our cultures teach us that we are sisters and brothers. Our cultures teach us that the earth is our mother and we have to make decisions that help us to recover. Our cultures were the target of colonization. We need to come together as indigenous nations to restore our cultures for future generations and celebrate our lives with all our relations.” ~Dream Seekers, from the song Culture is Prevention

The Dream Seekers Youth Program at American Indian Health and Family Services in southwest Detroit is an alcohol, drug, and suicide prevention program for youth ages 8-17. Open to young people from all backgrounds and designed specifically to support Native American youth and families in and around Detroit, the program offers after school enrichment activities based in traditional Native American cultural values.

Following the Anishinaabe Grandparent teachings of Love, Respect, Wisdom, Humility, Honesty, Truth, and Courage, the Dream Seekers collaborated with local singers, songwriters, musicians, and videographer John Marcus to produce an album of original songs and two music videos that carry on those teachings in creative and unique ways. The Dream Seekers express their gratitude to their elders by dedicating the album to those in the community who have guided and taught them and to their Youth Program Coordinator Martha Hinojosa who “leads them fearlessly down the Red Road,” a reference to a life of sobriety that is rooted in Native American culture.

All sales of Dream Seekers music directly benefit youth programs at American Indian Health and Family Services in Detroit.

"We are Dream Seekers, young and adult speakers. Time to take a stand you and me hand in hand for your family, culture, voice, time to take a stand it’s your choice. Love and respect are some powerful things. We use these to get through the tougher things. We gotta stay strong and stick together. Cause at the end it’s all gon’ get better.” ~Dream Seekers, from the song It’s Gon’ Get Better

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