Freddie Tilton was located at the residence where a search warrant was issued to search the property for a body. Location is near Cherry and Birch near Downstream Casino on the Missouri Side.

Freddie opened fired at law enforcement. Authorities fired rounds of tear gas into the residence before Freddie surrendered and was arrested and taken into custody.

The body was found later on in the woods. ​

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On scene were Newton County Ambulance and METs Ambulance,
Newton County SRT,and Joplin PD and Joplin Swat, Newton County Coroner, and many others.




The Newton County Sheriff’s Office and ODET received information that an individual had possibly been killed and the body left in the woods at 3517 Cherry Road.

This location is in the Greenwood area in the north end of Newton County.

A search warrant was obtained for the property and we requested the Joplin Police Departments help to search the property due to the size of the acreage involved. Newton County Deputies approached the house to secure the scene and make preparations for the search. After they knocked on the door and announced their presence an individual inside the house began firing upon the officers. Numerous rounds were fired from inside the house at Deputies. Fortunately no officers were injured. Both Newton County SWAT and Joplin Police SWAT were at the location and numerous rounds of tear gas were fired into the residence. One individual was inside the house and he surrendered to the Deputies. He is identified as Freddie Lewis Tilton.

After Tilton was taken into custody an initial search of the property did reveal a body in the woods. The location is now being treated as a Homicide scene. The Joplin Police Department as well as ODET are still assisting in the processing of the scene and further searching. This is a great example of the good working relations between the area agencies. The assistance supplied by ODET and the Joplin Police Department was greatly appreciated.

-Sheriff Chris Jennings

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