Minor Crash, One Leaves Scene Near Wyandotte Oklahoma

Urbanman 2019

Two-vehicle accident. One leaves scene and goes to the casino.

Well to end the night. A crash near Indigo Skies Casino on 60 HWY just occurred involving two vehicles. One left and went to the casino. No injuries involved.

The other person left and went to casino, which was close to the scene of the accident.

​Wyandotte Nation Police and also OHP aka Oklahoma Highway Patrol were at the scene.

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I was by that incident that night. There was a white dodge truck involved that appeared to be at fault. The truck totally pulled right in front of the white car. It appeared the driver of the white truck was trying to locate the road that veers off US 60 into down town Seneca. I believe they should really put a street light there at that intersection so people can see the off road easier.