Garbage Truck Fully Engulfed in Flames, Heavy Winds Fuel Fire

Frank Lewis

A garbage truck quickly became engulfed with flames in the rear of a strip mall in Old Bethpage, NY early Thursday.

At approximately 2:49 a.m., early Thursday morning, Nassau County Police responded to reports of a truck fire in the rear of 726 Old Bethpage Road in Old Bethpage, New York. The garbage truck driver quickly called 911 and grabbed his belongings from the vehicle before it became fully involved with flames. Upon arriving on the scene, it was confirmed that the truck was on fire and the Plainview Fire Department was notified to respond.

Firefighters from the Plainview Fire Department arrived on the scene and began to tackle the raging truck fire, which became slightly more difficult due to the heavy winds from the Nor'easter. While fighting the flames, a tree above the truck caught on fire, but was quickly put out by the wind.

Multiple explosions were heard from the truck, including a tire exploding while firefighters were tackling the flames.

There were no injuries from this incident, and there is no word on what caused the fire to begin.

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