Seaplane Makes Emergency Landing on Hudson River

Andrew Tetreault

A pilot delivering a seaplane to Bridgeport, CT Tuesday evening makes emergency landing on river after bad weather.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at approximately 6:00 p.m., a seaplane and its pilot made an emergency landing on the Hudson River near Piermont, New York. Sources say the pilot took off from Atlanta, Georgia, to deliver the plane to a new owner in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The pilot told reporters that when he reached the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge the visibility became so poor that it was unsafe to continue the flight. The emergency landing occurred 20 miles from New York City.

According to Piermont Police Department Chief Michael O'Shea, "He did a good job because it was him alone, he appeared to show a great deal of skill."

After the plane successfully made the precarious emergency landing on the Hudson river, the battery of the plane died. Piermont Police Department Chief Michael O'Shea also said, "With these temperatures hypothermia sets in and that's the big threat."

Rescuers entered the Hudson River and successfully rescued the pilot who was the only occupant on board. He was uninjured.


New York