Store Front Destroyed by SUV

Frank Lewis

An SUV collided with a storefront earlier Sunday evening in Farmingdale, New York.

Earlier Sunday evening, at approximately 4:25 p.m., a sports utility vehicle collided with the store front of 75 Merritts Road in Farmingdale, New York. Nassau County Police Department and Farmingdale Fire Department responded to the scene to find a large amount of damage to the front glass windows of the commercial establishment.

The store suffered substantial cosmetic damage, but there was no serious structural damage reported from the scene.

The driver was not injured, and there is no word on what caused the accident.

The store, Hy-Tone Cleaners, was closed at the time of the accident.

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This incident happened in Farmingdale in New York. The SUV struck the store front and destroyed the front of that store which I prefer to choose in order get quality work. This is not good news. We all should take care of such things while we are on the road. In this way we can keep ourselves safe and also others.

New York