Tires Explode, Garage Damaged After Vehicle Fire

Andrew Tetreault

Garwood, New Jersey, residents feared the worst after tires exploded following Jeep Wrangler fire.

On Wednesday, August 28, 2019, around 10:30 p.m., Garwood Police Department and Garwood Fire Department received 911 calls for reported explosions in the area near 99 2nd Avenue. When Garwood firefighters arrived, they found a fully involved Jeep Wrangler in the driveway of a home on 2nd Avenue. Prior to firefighters arriving, residents heard explosions and feared it gunshots.

Thankfully, the explosions may have been the tires of the Jeep Wrangler exploding due to the fire. The owner of the Jeep said the fire may have started as a result of an electrical issue with the vehicle. Flames and smoke could be seen pouring from the front of the vehicle.

Sources say the flames and heat were so intense it damaged a neighbor's garage but didn't cause damage to any other structures or homes. The siding of the garage could be seen pealing away. The jeep was reported as completely destroyed. No injuries were reported.


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