Burglary Foiled and Suspect Stabbed After Struggle with Occupants in Tacoma

A burglary turns into a life or death struggle in Tacoma. One suspect stabbed by the occupants of the home.

Tacoma, WA: Just before midnight, Tacoma Police received a report of an occupied home burglary in the 1000 block of South Ferry Street.

Per sources while responding the 911 call receiver could hear a large disturbance and no one answering questions.

When Tacoma Police arrived, they found one person had been stabbed in the back, another person suffering a serious medical emergency, and a firearm.

Multiple people were detained on the scene.

In the ensuing investigation, it was determined the male that was stabbed was the suspect who broke into the home. The occupants of the home woke up to the burglary and a struggled occurred.

The person suffering the medical emergency was an occupant of the home and it is not known if the struggle contributed to the medical emergency.

Per sources a firearm was recovered, but per Tacoma Police they do not know if the homeowner owned the firearm or the suspect brought it in.

Tacoma Police have stated both the occupant and suspect are in stable condition at this time.

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Jacob Kimerer
Jacob Kimerer

Seattle Editor

I am very sorry to hear that! We were there and spoke with Tacoma Police who provided that update.


The victims is not fine!!! He is on life support fighting for his life. I'm praying for u B.