Car Crashes Over Hillside Causing Serious Injuries and Brush Fire in Tacoma

Car crashes over a 60' hillside into steep brush seriously injuring the driver and causing a brush fire.

Tacoma, WA: Around 10:30 p.m., Tacoma Police and Fire Departments received a call of a serious motor vehicle crash in the area of Viewpoint Park on Norpoint Way Northeast.

When crews arrived they found a vehicle, occupied by only the driver, was traveling up Norpoint Way Northeast, lost control, and drove through Viewpoint Park over a 60' hillside. During the collision it caught the nearby brush on fire.

Tacoma Fire called in several resources and had crew members rappelled over the hillside in order to access the driver and contain the brush fire.

Tacoma Fire states the driver was transported to a nearby hospital with serious injuries but would not state if they were life-threatening or not.

It took crews about an hour to extinguish the brush fire.

The cause of the collision is currently under investigation by Tacoma Police.

Evergreen Media Production in conjunction with Key News Network were the only news photographers able to capture the fire still burning on the hillside.