Citizens Jump Into Action to Save Kayakers in Distress

Citizens jump into action with paddle boards to save two kayakers in distress

Des Moines, WA: just before 7 p.m. emergency crews received multiple calls of two Kayakers in distress about one quarter mile off the shore of Redondo Beach in Des Moines.

When crews arrived they found multiple citizens had deployed themselves into the water to rescue the two females described in their 20s that had overturned their Kayaks in the Puget Sound.

South King Fire & Rescue deployed one rescue swimmer in assistance and their Marine Rescue Boat.

Both females were brought to shore and advised there were uninjured and not transported.

South King Fire & Rescue states that even though the weather is nice it is important to note that the temperature of the sound does not change much and it does not take long for hypothermia to set in. They stress the importance of making sure you are wearing life jackets and knowing the conditions of the water before entering.