Customer with Gun Stops Assault on Employee During Shoplift Attempt in Spanaway

Pierce County Deputies respond to the Tractor Supply in Spanaway after a strong armed robbery.

Spanaway, WA: Pierce County Sheriff's Deputies responded around 3:30 p.m. for a report of a shoplifter resisting apprehension.

According to unnamed sources, the shoplifter attempted to steal $500 in merchandise.

When the shoplifter attempted to leave, a short foot pursuit occurred and that is when the shoplifter started assaulting an employee attempting to get their merchandise back.

According to witnesses, who did not want to be identified, a bystander observed the assault and pulled out his legally owned firearm to stop the assault.

Once the shoplifter saw the firearm they stopped their assault and took off.

The shoplifter then ran away and possibly got into an unknown vehicle at a nearby Albertson's.

The store was able to recover about $300 in merchandise.

Thankfully the employee was not injured.

We have reached out to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department for comment.

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It's a shame the conceled carrier didn't get to fire the gun at the POS shoplifter. if you see someone being assaulted you should be allowed to shoot that person but unfortunately in this state you go to jail for that. That's why we need stand-your-ground laws not taxes on bullets!!!