Firefighters Seal and Contain Waste Oil Leak From Boat into Puget Sound


Oil leaked from boat into Puget Sound.

Seattle, WA: This morning around 8:15 a.m., Seattle Fire responded to a reports of a boat leaking waste crude oil into the Puget Sound.

Firefighters immediately deployed multiple Fire Boats to look for the vessel that was reported.

Crews were able to find the boat quickly and also confirm there was an active leak from the boat.

Firefighters were able to temporarily patch the hole and contain the spill using oil collection booms.

As per request and procedure, the Seattle Fire Department requested the US Coast Guard and the Department of Ecology; they are assisting in the clean-up.

We have reached out to multiple Public Information Officers for more information regarding the incident and information about the boat itself. We will update you with further when we have it.

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