Generous Community Member Donates Car to Family in Need

Jacob Kimerer

Touched by Bernardo Barco's story, Rod Gamper donates classic Buick Riviera to Bernardo.

Bernardo Barco was involved in a single motorcycle collision back in December of 2018. In that collision, Bernardo lost his arm, leg and was hospitalized for months.

His story of survival was heard around the community and someone wanted to help increase donations to the family.

Rod Gamper is that someone who saw the story and knew he wanted to help due to his own similar circumstances.

Rod is also a survivor of a serious motorcycle collision. From his account, there was an integrity failure in the road he was riding on causing him to crash on his motorcycle.

During that crash, Rod sustained severe injuries to his body that included a traumatic brain injury or T.B.I.

Rod, understanding the hard work needed to recover, decided to reach out to South King Fire & Rescue with a plan to help the family.

Rod decided to gift his classic Buick Riviera to Bernardo and with a partnership with the LeMay Car Museum Charitable Foundation, are planning on auctioning the vehicle during their fall auction on August 31st. The Foundation has agreed to wave all entrance fees and commissions so all proceeds from the sale go to the family and Bernardo's Recovery.

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