Interstate Amtrak Empire Train Kills Pedestrian in Kent

High speed Amtrak train hits pedestrian walking on the tracks, killing them.

Kent, WA: Just after 7:30 p.m., emergency crews received a call from Amtrak reporting their high speed interstate Empire Service Train struck a pedestrian on the tracks in the area of South 259th and 89th Avenue South.

Once crews arrived, they found one person deceased in the ditch on the west side of the tracks.

Kent Police and Burlington Northern Santa Fe investigating.

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Medias ignorance: 1. This is a normal passenger train not a high speed train 2. The only Empire service is in the state of New York. Washington's service is the "Cascades" and this was NOT one of those trains 3. There is a Chicago-Seattle train called the "Empire Builder" however it does not go through Kent. Apparently research and facts don't matter when you want readers.