Male Arrested for Robbery and Attempted Rape After Attack Outside Tacoma School


Police state the suspect Andrew Dahm attacked the victim from behind and forced her down.

Update - According to the court documents in this case the victim, a 16 year old female, was walking outside Franklin Elementary School about around 7 p.m. when she felt as if she was being followed. The victim took out her cell phone in an attempt to record whoever was following her.

That's when the suspect, Andrew Dahm, attacked her, pushing her into a corner and onto the ground. Dahm then tried to remove the victim's shirt and Bra. He allegedly told the victim to be quiet to avoid being hurt while putting his hands in her pants.

The victim fought back by tried to struggle and kick at Dahm. Dahm then allegedly shoved a sock into the victim's mouth but she was still fighting back and bite his finger.

During the struggle the vitcim's cellphone was taken by Dahm as he ran off.

Dahm was located in a nearby park and detained for an outstanding theft warrant. While being questioned police located the victim's cell phone, the video the victim took just prior to the attack and a rolled-up sock with blood and saliva on it.

Dahm was charged with Rape in the Second Degree and Robbery Second Degree in court on Monday. He is being held on a $250,000 bond.

Original - Tacoma, WA: Just before 7 p.m. this evening, Tacoma Police were called to the 1400 block of South Lawrence for a reported attempted sexual assault and robbery.

In the attack, the suspect took the victim's phone and attempted to sexually assault her.

Police set up containment and called in a K9.

The suspect was located by an officer on perimeter and taken into custody.

Suspect was booked for Robbery in the second degree and Child Rape third degree.

Tacoma Police state that they do not know if this was a planned attack or crime of opportunity.

Investigation in ongoing.

Police state that the victim and suspect do not know each other.

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"Unprovoked" ?! Im sure that no one that has ever been raped has ever provoked someone until they did it. The headline also says attempted rape but the article says he was charged with child rape.. this headline should be changed.