Man Arrested After Armed Political Confrontation in Jefferson Park

Seattle Police respond to a disturbance between armed men outside busy Jefferson Park.


May 13, 2019: We have reached out and received comment from both sides involved in this incident. A copy of the Seattle Police summary report is below.

According to Spencer Sturdevant this altercation started when they believed their safety was endangered by a group known as the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club. Sturdevant states that there has been ongoing political harassment of him and his wife by the club in part of them being involved in the American Identity Movement.

Sturdevant states that the gun club believes that they are Neo-Nazi white nationalists due to their affiliation with the group. Sturdevant states that is not the truth and they see themselves as American Nationalists.

Sturdevant then went on to say that they had noticed the other male in question loitering outside their apartment building and called the police. After what they state was a long delay in police response, he and his friend, the one in the striped shirt, got into their vehicle and started to check the neighborhood.

Sturdevant states that because they felt in danger due to ongoing issues with the other side, the man in the striped shirt armed himself with two firearms and body armor.

They confronted the other male involved outside the park in which a confrontation followed and the male in the black shirt reached behind him, placing his hand on a concealed weapon. These actions were observed by Seattle Firefighters who in turn called Seattle Police.

According to the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club earlier in the day, they were conducting an open firearms training when Spencer Sturdevant and the unidentified male in the striped shirt attempted to disrupt the training. They state that they were harassing members and trying to obtain identifying information about them from vehicle license plates.

The gun club stresses that the altercation later in the day at Jefferson Park did not include any members of their club.

Seattle Police did confirm that the male in the black shirt was arrested for felony harassment for reaching for his weapon during the altercation.

*Original Report*

Seattle, WA: Just before 5p.m., Seattle Fire observed a disturbance between two males outside their station 13 at Jefferson Park. They advised at least one male was armed with a gun.

Seattle Police responded to the area and contacted a male armed and wearing body armor.

Police also contacted another armed male in the park for questioning.

During the investigation one male was taken into custody for felony harassment and their gun was seized.

At the time of this incident, the park was full of citizens enjoying the weather.


We incorrectly reported that the male in the striped shirt was arrested. We have been informed by witnesses that he was released and the other subject involved was arrested.

We have obtained photos of the other subject involved from Spencer Sturdevant. This story is rapidly evolving and further update will be released.

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Cam nyguen aka cam Ng is Spencer’s sock account that he uses to spread disinformation on the beacon hill community Facebook page. His real profile was blocked after repeatedly posting hate speech. Don’t be fooled


this is the arrested and charged man.


this story is wrong, the man in the armor was not arrested, it was the other man. The two of them got into an argument and the other man reached for his gun and was then arrested, the man in the striped shirt was let go without charges.