Man is Shot and Killed by Renton Police During Overnight Domestic Violence Call


Renton Police were dispatched to a reported domestic with injuries when the incident escalated to shots fired.

Renton, WA: Renton Police were called to the Sunset Heights Condominiums at around 11 p.m. for a reported domestic violence incident where a female caller was stating her son was possibly having a mental breakdown. The female stated that the son had assaulted her boyfriend causing a laceration to his head.

As police arrived, the female caller and the boyfriend exited the condo and met with police in the parking lot.

As additional officers arrived, they entered the condo and contacted the son inside. Renton Police put out in a statement that the male confronted officers armed with a knife. After commands to drop the knife were ignored, shots were fired.

Police immediately rendered first aid and started life-saving measures while calling for medics.

Medics arrived and began CPR on the male and sadly those efforts were unsuccessful.

The Valley Investigation Team, which is comprised of investigators and detectives from surrounding law enforcement agencies, is handling the independent investigation in accordance with I-940. Kent Police will be processing the crime scene and Auburn Police will be the lead investigating agency.