Mother and Infant Uninjured as Lightning Destroys Tree Outside Their Front Door

Lightning strikes tree in front of house occupied by mother and infant.

Federal Way, WA: Just after 3:30 p.m., crews with South King Fire and Rescue received reports of wires down in the 600 block of SW 299th Pl. Upon arrival they found a tree had been struck by lightning causing it to take down power lines.

The tree was struck was in front of a residence occupied by a family who is renting the home. The home was occupied by the time by the mother and 11 month old boy. The mother was in the process of putting the child down for a nap when the lightning struck startling everyone.

The mother was initially fearful that a car bomb had gone off as the previous year just down the block a neighbor was arrested after binary explosives he had in his vehicle exploded.

Thankfully no one was hurt. Sadly the family has to stay at a hotel for at least tonight because when the tree came down it landed on their power line and bent the rod all the way down to the electrical meter. Thankfully that was the only reported damage to the home.

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Jon Gotham
Jon Gotham

Wow! They are lucky that the big pieces didn't hit their house! <a href=""> </a>