One Handed Accused Drug Dealer Arrested During Domestic with a Gun in Tacoma


The suspect, reported to be a cartel drug dealer, was upset after being asked to leave the apartment he was staying at.

Tacoma, WA: In the early morning hours of April 22nd, Tacoma Police were dispatched to a reported Domestic Violence incident involving a firearm in the 600 block of South 15th Street.

The reporting party called stating that his roommate was "going crazy" inside their apartment and threatened the caller with a gun just prior to calling. The caller stated they had fled the apartment but the suspect was still inside and believed to still be armed.

The caller stated that the suspect had moved in just four days prior and suddenly started acting erratic and not stable. The caller stated that the suspect is a known member of a drug cartel and has been seen dealing narcotics in the downtown area for some time. Apparently earlier in the day, the suspect was robbed of several thousand dollars worth of narcotics which led to him coming home and yelling at the caller.

The caller asked the suspect to leave and when he did, the suspect became more upset and started to advance on the caller in an aggressive manner. Fearing he would be assaulted, the caller took a defensive bladed stance. That is when the suspect pulled a small black handgun from his waistband and pointed the handgun at the caller's chest as he exclaimed, "I'll fuck you up." Fearing for his life the caller fled the apartment.

Responding officers set up a perimeter and were given permission by the caller to enter the apartment for a search. That is where officers contacted the suspect coming out of the bathroom and took him into custody. Police notated that since the suspect had his left hand previously amputated they have to secure the hands to a belt loop. Upon searching the suspect, they found a single stack 9mm magazine for a pistol loaded with three 9mm cartridges.

After detaining the suspect, officers searched the apartment and found a handgun inside the bathroom the suspect was seen exiting when officers entered the apartment.

The suspect is charged with second degree felony assault and currently being held in the Pierce County Jail on a $25,000 bond.