Persons of Interest in Edmonds Homicide Detained in Enumclaw Standoff

Jacob Kimerer

Edmonds Police state that two people are detained and a vehicle of interest was seized.

Enumlaw, WA: Shortly after midnight, fire crews with King County Fire District 44 at station 96 were alerted of an ongoing SWAT incident occurring just down the street from their station. Crews were advised to standby in case they were needed to treat any patients.

This was all occurring in the 40100 block of 180th Avenue Northeast in Enumclaw.

Per Police, the North Sound Regional SWAT team from Snohomish County was trying to contact and detain subjects wanted for questioning by the Edmonds Police Department. It was also heard over loud speaker that police had a search warrant for the property as well.

SWAT was seen detaining several people from the house but was still calling out to one person allegedly still inside.

Tear gas and Flash Bangs were deployed multiple times over several hours to get the subject to come out peacefully.

King County Sheriff's Tac-30 SWAT were called in to assist and after several hours everyone was detained and Edmonds Police are now processing the house.

Edmonds Police Department has now stated that they detained two persons of interest and seized a vehicle of interest in connection to the February 21st murder of Nagendiram Kandasamy. According to Police, both subjects were already wanted by the Department of Corrections.

Kandasamy who was senselessly murdered in a February 21st armed robbery at a 7-Eleven where he worked in the 23800 block of Highway 99.

*More information to be released later.*​

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