Pierce County Health Officials State Puyallup Woman First COVID-19 Death

Jacob Kimerer

Tacoma - Pierce County Health Department states the woman in her 50s died from complications from COVID-19.

Puyallup, WA: Today the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department announcement that they have seen their first death in relation to the COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak in the state of Washington.

Health officials state that the woman in her 50's died from complications of COVID-19 and underlying health problems. Dr. Chen, with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, urged residents 60 and older and those with prior health issues to follow all social distancing guideline to help protect themselves and the community.

The Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier states that, "The woman who died is not just a number, she was a beloved daughter, a mother, an incredible community volunteer and active in her daughter's school. A family is grieving and the community is grieving."

Dr. Chen with the Tacoma - Pierce County Health Department also states, "People need to think about what their health is doing now." He noted that behaviors, such as smoking/vaping, could affect the level of risk you're exposed to. "Even if you don't have a chronic health condition, or do not think your prognosis is a chronic health issue; Asthma, Diabetes, overweight, or heart issues can make your condition worse," he said. "Do what you need to take care of yourself."

As of Monday, the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department states they have confirmed at least 38 cases of COVID-19 in the county. They also state that as of Monday, several of those cases have been discharged from the hospital and are recovering at home.

Health officials want people to protect their families during this time but not panic. Take the basic steps to protect your physical health, and take one more to protect your mental health and do not panic. They state most infected people do not become very sick.

So far in Pierce County out of 700 tests, 5% came back positive for COVID-19. More testing is being done everyday.

As you are aware, social distancing practices are in effect in Washington State as ordered by Governor Jay Inslee.

Governor Inslee has also urged residents over the age of 60 to self quarantine regardless to help flatten the curve for the next several weeks.

As of today, 62 people have died in the State of Washington in relation to COVID-19 and over a thousand more are sick.