Pure Ethanol Spill Prompts Full Hazmat Response in Ballard

Employee working with pure Ethanol accident spills some on himself and the ground prompting combustion concern.

Seattle, WA: Around 8:15 p.m., Seattle Fire received a call from a business in the 1100 block of Northwest 51st Street stating they had spilled pure Ethanol on themselves and the ground.

The employee who spilled the substance on himself quickly removed his clothing and reported no injuries.

Due to the low combustion temperature of pure Ethanol, a full hazmat response was dispatched.

Seattle Fire Public Information Officer David Cuerpo said the temperature needed for Ethanol to auto ignite is only 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

Crews pulled a hose line and made entry to the building and slowly worked to dilute the spill to render it safe.

Seattle Fire stated that the spill was contained to the one building and there was no threat to nearby businesses or home.