Suspicious Package Leads to Hazmat Response at Federal Way City Hall

Female brought a package containing a white powdery substance to the police station after receiving it in the mail.

Federal Way, WA: Around 1:30 p.m. today, emergency crews received a call from a female outside the Federal Way City Hall building stating that she brought a package she received in the mail there that contains an unknown white powdery substance. The female states that she had already opened the package and was experiencing some breathing difficulty.

Federal Way police responded, blocked off the parking lot, and called in South King Fire and Rescues hazmat team to investigate the package further.

South King Fire with the assistance of Puget Sound Regional Fire Haz-Mat investigated the substance and found that there was no cause for alarm. They have also stated the female exposed is doing fine.

The parking lot has since been re-opened. Federal Way Police Commander Kurt Schwan states that City Hall was not evacuated and this incident remains an active incident and is still under investigation.