Two People are Shot, One is Killed at Barber Shop in Tukwila


So far, the only information that has been made available is two people have been shot at this barber shop.

Tukwila, WA: At around 11:45 p.m., Tukwila Police received a call of a reported shooting in the 14600 block of International Boulevard at a Barber Shop located in a shopping complex. While responding, it was reported the shooter was still in the area.

As Officers arrived, they encountered one male down near International with a gunshot to his chest entering under the armpit. As officers moved towards the Barber shop searching for the suspect, they found another victim down inside the shop with a gunshot wound to the neck area.

That second victim, located inside the Barber Shop, was pronounced deceased on the scene.

The first victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center in serious to life-threatening injuries. .

There are unconfirmed reports a suspect is in custody but we are waiting to hear from Tukwila PD.

This story is breaking news and subject to change has information changes and is released. Check back for future updates.

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