Young Girl Locks Herself in Her Room During Violent Burglary in Kent

Suspect threatens a juvenile female and fights with police during brazen afternoon burglary.

Kent, WA: Around 3:40 p.m. today, Kent Police received a report of suspicious circumstances in the 4700 block of South 217th. The call came in from a roommate stating that the home owner's juvenile daughter was heard crying and sounded threatened.

When police arrived, they found the juvenile female had locked herself in her room. A building search was conducted by the officers in the house with their guns drawn.

Without warning, the suspect emerged from a closet in another room and a struggled ensued with the officers. During that struggle, the suspect was able to gain control of the officer's weapon. No shots were fired thankfully according to police. The suspect saw an opening and quickly ran out the home.

In running away the suspect dropped a gun on the stairs inside the home. It is not known at this time if the suspect threatened the juvenile female with the weapon. Police states the male mentioned he was looking for something in particular.

Police gave chase outside into the neighborhood but lost site of the suspect.

Due to the suspects violent actions, a large multi-agency response occurred. A K-9 and Drone were brought in to try and locate the suspect.

Police are looking into the possibility that a vehicle that was parked in front of the home when they arrived and was gone when they returned after giving chase belonged to the suspect.

At this time, the search has turned up with no suspects in custody.

Kent Police do have body worn cameras that were activated during this incident, however, since this is an active investigation the footage is unlikely to be released. Kent Police also were going door to door obtaining surveillance video from neighbors in hopes to get a good face shot of the suspect.

We spoke to one of the occupants that rents a room in the victim home who states that it is a very quiet neighborhood and would never think something like this could occur. He is just hoping the suspect will not return.