Buena Park: Disabled Vehicle on Freeway Struck, Hospitalizing 5 Patients


INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 06-16-2018 | 1:36 AM

LOCATION: Eastbound SR-91 at Beach Boulevard

CITY: Buena Park


  1. An disabled vehicle was rear-ended in a suspected DUI crash on the freeway;
  2. Officers were en route to a disabled vehicle blocking lanes on the eastbound SR-91 freeway;
  3. While en route, officers received information that the disabled vehicle had been rear-ended by two other vehicles;
  4. At least 3 occupants (1 x 21-year-old male | 1 x 21-year-old female | 1 x 26-year-old female (driver)) of one vehicle had to be assisted from their vehicle using the jaws of life and other power tools;
  5. Two other patients (1 x 29-year-old female | 1 x 22-year-old male) from the other vehicles were also injured;
  6. As a result of the crash officers closed all lanes of the eastbound SR-91 just west of Beach Boulevard for nearly an hour;
  7. Firefighters declared the incident an MCI and transported a total of five patients form the scene to area hospitals;
  8. At least one individual was seen being administered a field sobriety test however the investigation is ongoing;
  9. Update: As of 2:47 AM the #4 lane is open however HOV through #3 lane will remain closed until further notice.


  1. California Highway Patrol - Westminster Office
  2. Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA)
  3. Care Ambulance

Los Angeles