Irvine: UCI Annual Undie Run Charity


DATE/TIME OF INCIDENT: 06-08-2018 | 10:15 PM

LOCATION: 102 Aldrich Hall (University of California, Irvine)

CITY: Irvine


  1. The annual undie run at UCI was a success Friday night, with students simultaneously relieving stress and contributing to a good cause;
  2. Hundreds of students stripped to their undies, donating their stripped clothing and other items to the UCI Helping Hands for the Homeless Club;
  3. The students then engaged in a spirited run around the UCI campus to relieve stress and enjoy the finals days before the of the quarter;
  4. UCI's Helping Hands for the Homeless provides essentials such as food and clothing to those in need and is entirely run by the UCI students;
  5. Together, Helping Hands for the Homeless and the undie run work symbiotically to allow students to relieve stress during finals week;
  6. Several donations bins set-up at the beginning of the event could be seen being entirely filled.
  7. Previous events have yielded hundreds of pounds of clothing and have been considered highly successful;
  8. Campus police were aware of the event and monitored it however no action or intervention was necessary as the students involved remained respectful and compliant.

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