Santa Ana: Multi-Vehicle DUI Crash Leaves Numerous Hospitalized

A high-speed suspected DUI crash left numerous people injured in Santa Ana, late Saturday night.

INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 06-23-2018 | 11:05 PM
LOCATION: West Warner Avenue & South Flower Street
CITY: Santa Ana

  1. A suspected DUI driver was traveling at high-speeds before it collided with at least three other vehicles at an intersection;
  2. The suspect, who is believed to have been under the influence of methamphetamine, struck a total of three vehicles, each of which rolled over;
  3. Firefighters worked for approximately 25 minutes to free at least 3 patients from their vehicles using the Jaws of Life;
  4. A total of six patients were transported with minor to severe injuries;
  5. During their response to the collision, two marked Sana Ana police officers experienced a minor traffic collision, however no injuries were reported;
  6. The intersection and surrounding areas were closed to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic until further notice while police investigate.


  1. Santa Ana Police Department
  2. Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA)


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