I just acquired the license to be able to run the first photo on my blog, which was taken seconds after the man on the left knocked my video camera down, causing it to shut off.

This second photo, which was taken seconds after the first photo, was posted today on Alejandro Armengol’s blog on El Nuevo Herald.

Copyright © 2008 El Nuevo Herald by Roberto Koltun (both photos)

I will ask photographer Roberto Koltun if he took any photos of the actual assault because now it looks like I’m assaulting him.

But if you read the text on the blog, it says the complete opposite.

It’s in Spanish, so I will try to translate here:

In an unfortunate incident, Cuban exiles attacked a young freelance photographer, Carlos Miller, (right, back to the camera), accusing him of being a “Chavista” and communist, while he was conducting his journalistic work at Versailles restaurant, Saturday, Feb. 9th, during a Code Pink protest in which they demanded that Luis Posada Carriles be placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.