The War on Photographers in the United Kingdom has reached a level of preposterous paranoia after a married father was accused of being a “pervert” for photographing his own sons in a public park.

As shown in the picture above, Gary Crutchley was photographing his sons, ages 5 and 7, as they slid down an inflatable slide when the operator of the slide ordered him to stop.

As he pleaded his innocence, other families ordered him to stop taking photos as well, according to the Daily Mail.

“She told me I could not take pictures of other people’s children. I explained that I was only interested in taking photographs of my own children and pointed out that this was taking place in a public park.

“I then showed her the photos I had taken to prove my point.

“Then another woman joined in and said her child was also on the slide and did not want me taking pictures of the youngster. I repeated that the only people being photographed were my own children.
“She then said I could be taking pictures of just any child to put on the internet and called me a pervert.”

Crutchley, 39, was so enraged he called over a couple of police officers, who to their credit, took his side in the matter.

 ’The two police officers confirmed that I had been perfectly within my rights to take photographs of my own children in the park.”

Below is a picture of Cruthley and his family.