This is probably the highlight of my blogging career so far.

The story that I wrote about an Amtrak photo contestant who was arrested by Amtrak police last month ended up taking the internet by storm, eventually landing in Stephen Colbert’s lap where he decided to do a spoof on the incident.

The segment runs at tonight at 11:30 p.m. on Comedy Central and will be repeated throughout the day tomorrow.  It will be posted here as soon as it is posted on Colbert’s website.

Duane Kerzic, who ended up handcuffed to a wall in Penn Station in New York City after photographing an Amtrak train for an Amtrak photo contest, said the segment will be featured under Colbert’s “Nailed ‘Em” series.

An example of a Nailed ‘Em segment is in the following video where Colbert reports about a man in California who had a legal prescription for marijuana but ended up losing his job after a urine test revealed he had been smoking marijuana.