The Catholic priest approached the cops with his arm extended, holding a silver object in his hand, refusing to divulge what it was when the officers asked him.

Thinking the priest was holding a weapon, one of the cops walked up to Father James Manship and again demanded to see the shiny object he was cupping inside his hands. But the priest held the object up high and “bladed his body in a aggressive manner,” according to the police report.

At this point, the officer feared for his life, so he grabbed the priest’s arm to see what he was holding but the priest started resisting and screaming. He even started walking away and finally the officer managed to put handcuffs on the priest.

It was only then that he discovered the priest had been holding a video camera all along.

And if you believe that, you haven’t seen the video, which completely contradicts the arrest report.

On Thursday, Connecticut prosecutors dropped all charges against Manship, which included interfering with an investigation and the old reliable, disorderly conduct.

Manship and fellow activists then went on the offense and filed a complaint with the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division seeking an investigation of East Haven police for alleged brutality and racial profiling of Hispanics, according to the Associated Press.

Guess whose side God is on?