One cop in California pleaded guilty to molesting his girlfriend’s 12-year-old daughter.

Another cop in Arizona had his peace officer certification revoked after being convicted for his involvement in a fraud ring.

And another cop in Pennsylvania was placed on administrative leave after a Youtube video surfaced showing him joking about a murder victim.

These are just three of the stories that have come across the National Police Misconduct Twitter Feed during the last two hours.

The news feed, which is compiled by Injustice in Seattle, is in the left sidebar of this site. It’s mind-blowing how often it is updated.

Going back a little deeper, say within the last eight hours, you can read about a North Carolina cop accused of  tampering with evidence; an Oklahoma cop indicted for assaulting a man on a traffic stop and for beating two inmates with an ax handle; and a Minnesota cop accused of tipping off drug dealers about pending raids.

And going back deeper still, say within the last 24 hours, you can read about a Delaware cop arrested for stealing thousands from a police union; a California cop jailed for breaking into the homes of women during a drunken binge; and a Georgia cop who was arrested for fighting with a student inside a high school,

What did your industry counterparts do within the last 24 hours?