Every once in a while, I get a commenter calling for the murder of police officers.

The commenters are always anonymous and from what I’ve seen, they are not even regular readers, but people who happen to come across this blog during times of heavy traffic due to a popular post.

In the past, I’ve let those comments stay in the interest of free speech, but I’ve been deleting them in the last few weeks because I am not going to advocate murder on this site, even if it just from people talking out of their ass.

Today, I came across an article of a man who was arrested by the FBI for making these types of threats on an online forum.

Jeffrey Weaver, 48, admitted making threatening remarks about both police officers when he was arrested earlier this month saying he was “angry” when he wrote the comments on the Web site infowars.com, an FBI agent wrote in a report.

Using the tagline, “F—ThePIGS,” Weaver wrote several messages threatening to kill Mehserle and other officers who have killed people. The threat against the Virginia police officer came after the officer Tased a 17-year-old boy who died from the electric shock.

Weaver is accused of posting three threats after Mehserle killed Oscar Grant III of Hayward on New Year’s Day.

In the first post before Mehserle was identified as the police officer who killed Grant, Weaver wrote, “F- the pigs and if I find out who the pigs is then I will kill the pig who killed him.”

So I want to make it clear that I will delete any comments in the future that call for the murder of police officers or anybody else for that matter. That’s never been my agenda.

All I’m about is asserting my rights to shoot police officers with cameras. Nothing more or nothing less.