PINAC reader Theo put together a petition calling for the termination of Oklahoma State Trooper Daniel Martin. For whatever it’s worth, we will send it to Oklahoma Highway Patrol Chief, Colonel Van M. Guillotte,

The fact that they have not stripped Daniel Martin of his badge and gun is a crime in itself.

The dash cam video not only reveals that he falsified a police report – which has landed other cops in jail – but that he is about as insecure and unstable as a three-year-old child.

First of all, he had absolutely no reason to be speeding with his sirens wailing. All he was doing was picking up his wife at what appears to be a police station.

Then, after he picked up his wife, he pulls the ambulance over for failing to yield in what essentially was a non-emergency situation. In fact, the only vehicle that had an emergency on its hands was the ambulance, which was transporting a patient to the hospital.

And after the ambulance pulls over, both paramedics step out of the vehicle in a non-threatening manner. There was no “assault”, as the cop initially reported. He didn’t even slam the door, as he later reported.

All the paramedic was trying to do was his job, which was to get to the patient to the hospital as quick as possible.

And for that, Martin not only placed him in a chokehold, he told the paramedics that he was going to shoot them dead with his gun.

The fact that prosecutors refused to file charges on the cop proves they are nothing but a bunch of backwoods, slack jawed good ole boys who will always watch out for their own.

And they are putting the public in danger in the process.