Anytime people come down to Miami, they seem to always order Cuban sandwiches, but don’t make much of an effort to order Cuban hamburgers.

That’s probably because it is called a “frita” instead of hamburguesa Cubana (the sandwich is sandwiche Cubano).

It’s made from beef (and/or sometimes chorizo) and it is mixed with paprika and other spices. Then it is cooked on the grill with a special sauce – at least in the above photo – before being placed on a Cuban bun and piled high with julienne cut potatoes.

Earlier this year, Bobby Flay from the food network came down to Miami and determined one of the Miami frita joints sells the “best hamburger in Florida.”

Earlier this week, me and a few other guys, including a local blogger and local journalist, ventured on a Trifecta Miami Frita Crawl, where we tried that place and two others to determine who sells the best.

Find out who won in this week’s Miami Beach 411 column, which includes a video, photos and story.

It’s wasn’t Bobby Flay’s nomination.