Update: This incident occurred in 2006 and the officer was suspended for three days after an internal affairs investigation. Here is the transcript of the IA interview and here is memo from the chief explaining the suspension.

As Photography is Not a Crime reader Jay pointed out last week, it’s “like fucking Groundhog Day” because all you need to do is change the venue and the name of the cop and it’s the same story all over again.

This time it is an Austin cop who has pulled over a driver for going five miles over the speed limit. Yes, five measly miles. The car also did not have a license plate on the rear, but had one on the front.

The cop demands the guy’s license and proof of insurance and when the guy doesn’t oblige in a matter of seconds, the cop starts yelling at the driver for his license and proof of insurance.

The driver tells the officer that he is looking for the necessary documents, but he is also taken aback by the cop’s aggressive and unnecessary tone.

The officer then orders him out of the car, still demanding his license and proof of insurance.

The driver steps out and the officer starts yelling at him to step to the back of the vehicle.

The driver is not posing any threat but saying something like “I have no idea …”

The officer starts pushing him, then finally uses his Taser gun on him.

This all happened within 45 seconds.