It was only a few weeks ago when we saw a Chicago House of Blues security guard attack a woman and rip her camera from her hands after she photographed him on a public street.

Now we have a similar incident emerging out of Halifax, Canada where a couple of photography students were taking pictures of the nightlife in the area Saturday night when they were assaulted by a club bouncer from a place called Halifax Alehouse.

Photography student Tyler Munford said he snapped a photo of the bouncer, who covered the lens with his hand. Munsford continued walking but the bouncer chased after him and demanded he delete the image. He then tried to grab the camera.

Munford tossed the camera to his friend, Stella Ducklow, but then she was confronted by a couple of bouncers who tackled her and grabbed the camera.

Meanwhile the incident was being filmed by another friend with a video camera.

Munford called police who were able to retrieve the camera, but most of the images were deleted. However, Munford was able to retrieve them.

Meanwhile, the owner of the bar said he suspended the bouncer and has “counselled” him to find work elsewhere, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Peter Martell, the bar manager of the Alehouse, said the bouncer in question has been suspended.

“I’ve counselled him to seek employment elsewhere. He’s got to pay bills. He’s a young guy. He’s got rent. He’s got to buy food,” he said.

Police have yet to make an arrest even though the bouncer’s actions can easily be defined as strong-armed robbery.

Above is the original video captured by the students. Below is the CBC news segment.

Meanwhile, the victim of the House of Blues incident recently filed a lawsuit demanding $100,000 in damages, according to Marina City Online, a Chicago site that has been covering this incident.