First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza has been a longtime Photography is Not a Crime supporter.

Ever since he penned a post about this blog on Feb. 8, 2008, Randazza has always made himself available to me for interviews for my blog posts or to answer legal questions for my research. He has also provided tips for this blog.

Now his blog, The Legal Satyricon, in the running an American Bar Association Journal Blawg 100 award. This is a contest to determine the best legal blogs in the country (blawg is lawyer jargon for law blog).

The award doesn’t give him anything more than bragging rights, but we all know lawyers thrive on bragging rights (as well as journalists).

But I do believe he has one of the best legal blog that covers national topics.

So anyway, I don’t really do endorsements on this blog, but I am going to make an exception here because Randazza has not only helped my blog, but he gave me his cell phone number in case I ever had any future confrontations with police.

It took me 15 seconds to register and vote. If you want to help him win, register here and vote here.

Right now, Randazza is in the lead in the IMHO category.

While I was at it, I voted for other blawgs in other categories, including:

  • Citizen Media Law Project, another longtime supporter of Photography is Not a Crime that is compiled by various lawyers, law students and legal scholars, including Randazza. This blog, which focuses on First Amendment media issues, is running in the “practice specific” category. They reported on my trial and have mentioned my blog several times after that.
  • South Florida Lawyers, who is also a longtime reader and supporter, and is in the running for best geographical blog.

Maybe one day someone will launch a blog contest for non-blawgs that focus on First Amendment issues and I’ll hit you up again for a vote.