Jeremy Jojola, an investigative reporter from KOB-TV in New Mexico and a regular reader of Photography is Not a Crime, was arguing his right to videotape in the hallway of a courthouse this week when a bailiff called him “an asshole.”

He should be proud.

After all, I’m an asshole. This guy claims to be an asshole. And now Jojola has been called an asshole.

All because we stand up for our Constitutional rights.

The incident started when the bailiff ordered a group of journalists into a conference room, segregating them from the general public and ordering them not to shoot video in the hallway.

Jojola began complaining, which ruffled the bailiff.

Jojola turned on his camera and began recording audio. The bailiff calls him an asshole at :40 and admits to segregating the reporters at 1:15.

As Jojola explains on his blog, the incident was more amusing than insulting and they eventually worked things out civilly.

No big deal. I do find it amusing and I’d figure you may too since many readers of my blog like the behind the scenes stuff.


To give the bailiff credit, he became more reasonable and actually seemed like a nice guy after the whole exchange.

I could only imagine what would have happened if I resorted to the same vulgarity.

I’ve mentioned Jojola on this blog before, including the time he won an Emmy back in 2008.

Jeremy Jojola, right, asks former State Senate Pro Tem Manny Aragon if he wanted to apologize to the people of New Mexico for stealing more than $600,000 from taxpayers. Aragon, known as the "Godfather of Corruption," had just been sentenced to five years in prison. He never answered Jojola’s question.