Ebay Headquarters in San Jose, California, USA (Silicon Valley)

Sometimes I believe that security guards are just bored with their jobs, so they get off on harassing photographers who choose to photograph the buildings they are guarding. Kind of like the guard dog who barks furiously at the mailman day in and day out even though he probably knows that the mailman is not doing anything wrong.

The latest incident comes to us from San Jose where an eBay security guard confronted a photographer taking pictures of eBay headquarters from a public sidewalk.

Photographer Michael Halberstadt explained on Flickr that the guard driving the black SUV with the orange lights ordered him to stop taking photos.

Halberstadt pointed out that he was standing on a public sidewalk and could take all the photos he wanted. They went back and forth a bit before the guard drove off.

Meanwhile, if you Google “ebay san jose” and click on images, you will find various photos of this same building from several different angles.

Via War on Photography