An Albuquerque man who did not want to be filmed by a news videographer secured himself a top spot in the evening news Monday after flipping the videographer off and telling him to “go to hell.”

The man also snatched the videographers’s tripod and threw it in the middle of the street before getting into his truck and driving towards the videographer as if to run him over.

He ended up driving over the tripod instead.

“I don’t want to see any pictures of me on television,” the man told Jim Morrison of Univision, who was standing on a public street working on a story about a warehouse rave party that police had raided over the weekend.

The man, who remains unidentified, was emerging from the warehouse when he confronted Morrison. He appears a little too old to be involved in rave parties, so it is not clear what exactly was his relationship to the warehouse.

In fact, he appears a little too old to tangle with news videographers, but obviously you’re never old enough to make an ass out of yourself.

Morrison declined to file assault charges, but police may charge him with criminal damage anyway.